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Ballistic Pillow and Stirrups

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Introducing the newest material to lend itself well to sling making, which goes by at least three names: Ballistic Nylon, Cordura and Denier. It is urethane-coated nylon, so it is non-absorbant and incredibly strong - sooner or later I will try to test the "ballistic" part, now that I have relocated to Northern Wisconsin I'm sure I will find someone with a few firearms on hand, pics to follow! At about 20x36 inches, this sling features removable head and butt pillows, something that I started doing with my latigo weave sling so you might call it a signature feature of Slings by Patrick. Funny thing is the first request I had for a pillow (for the head) lead me to think "pushy bottom!" But then before long I was starting to make the dual-pillow slings first made by a man named Mike Whalen in Los Angeles 40+ years ago. His design is the father of my latigo weave sling, which maybe makes this one a nephew? The nylon webbing which loops the entire perimeter as one long length is rated at 1000 pounds. So this should hold up 5 guys perhaps? I'd like to see that! The nylon thread stitching will never rot. The material itself wipes clean with paper towel and maybe a squirt of 409 to cut through your lubes etc. While this probably will sustain a trip trough your washing machine, I wouldn't even bother putting in the dryer, just wipe it down with a towel and hang it over your shower rod to air dry. The sling itself is constructed from 1680 Denier while the pillow use the softer 1000 Denier. The pillows attach using hook & loop on 2" wide nylon webbing (aka seat belt stuff). Pardon the pic quality, my lighting really sucks for photography so I fiddled with the contrast & brightness to highlight things better.
Denier Pillow Sling Ballistic Nylon Pillow Sling

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