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Bored? Like checking out other people's playlists? Ever wonder what the daily grind of a full-time sling maker is like? I usually work somewhere between 10-5 seven days a week (it will say On Air at the bottom of the play window), other times the camera is off but you can watch some pre-recorded stuff from earlier (each clip is one song in length). I am listening to the exact same music as you hear it, I hope you enjoy it: my iTunes is patched into the video stream. If you just clicked one of my BuyNow buttons, now you can watch me make your new sling - I usually never have things pre-made, thanks to the insatiable appetite of Fort Troff's fan base so be sure to check in here over the next day or so after you buy your sling, you get to watch it come to life from start to finish. I have 2 webcams in 2 rooms: the main cutting room and my sewing room but only one at a time is streaming.

Use the Play button in the lower left corner, then you stay on this website - clicking the middle sometimes takes you to ustream's website.

There is a short ad right after the stream begins, you might want to turn down your speakers temporarily.

It will say LIVE at the bottom of the play window if the cam is on; otherwise it will say Off Air in the lower right hand corner